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"England expects that every man will do his duty."

Nelson and Nelson's Decade

Admiral Lord Nelson by Lemuel Abbot
Lord Nelson 1758-1805

Born in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, Horatio Nelson, the sixth of eleven children,  joined the Navy at age 12. He became a captain at age 20, and saw service in the West Indies, Baltic and Canada. He married Frances Nisbet in 1787 in Nevis, and returned to England with his bride to spend the next five years on half-pay, frustrated at not being at sea.
When Britain entered the French Revolutionary Wars in 1793, Nelson was given command of the Agamemnon. He served in the Mediterranean, where he helped capture Corsica and battled at Calvi, where he lost the sight in his right eye. He would later lose his right arm at the
Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1797). As a commander he was known for bold action, and the occasional disregard of orders from his seniors. This defiance brought him victories against the Spanish off Cape Vincent in 1797, and at the Battle of Copenhagen four years later, where he ignored orders to cease action by putting his telescope to his blind eye and claiming he couldn't see the signal.
At the Battle of the Nile (1798), he successfully destroyed Napoleon's fleet and bid for an overland trade route to India. His next posting took him to Naples where he fell in love with Emma, Lady Hamilton. Although they remained married to others, they considered each other soul mates and together had a child, Horatia, in 1801. Earlier that same year, he was promoted to Vice-Admiral.
Over the period 1794 to 1805, under Nelson's leadership, the British Navy proved its supremacy over the French. His most famous engagement, at Cape Trafalgar, saved Britain from threat of invasion by Napoleon, but it would be his last. Struck by a French sniper's bullet he died on the first day of battle, October 21, 1805.
The Nelson Decade: 1995-2005
The Nelson Decade, which commenced on 21 October 1995 with the 190th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, will be an eventful period with notable activities and public events being organised, culminating in October 2005, the
200 aniversary of The Battle of Trafalgar,  to commemorate Nelson's life and achievements and to celebrate the bicentenaries of his four most important battles:

Battle of Cape St. Vincent : 14 February 1797
Battle of The Nile : 1 August 1798
Battle of Copenhagen : 2 April 1801
Battle of Trafalgar : 21 October 1805

HMS Victory. the official website

HMS Victory

HMS Victory in1884 [click for larger image]
HMS Victory in Portsmouth harbour. 1884

HMS Victory 1919 [click for larger image]
HMS Victory as a training ship.1919

HMS Victory 1922 [click for larger image]
HMS Victory moves to drydock at Portsmouth in 1922

HMS Victory in Portsmouth Harbour
HMS Victory carried crew of 828 seamen

HMS Victory. gunports

This is the Home Page of
Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson KB

 On Friday 21st October 2005 it
will be exactly 200 years ago to the day
 that Admiral Lord Nelson commanded the
British navy into battle against the
combined French and Spanish fleets at
Trafalgar. Although the battle was a
decisive victory, Horatio Nelson lost his
life and a nation mourned.
this website from the

the official website

the Wikipedia entry

Celebrating 10 glorious years
in the life of Britain's greatest naval hero

an overview of everyday life
 the  Royal Navy
in Nelson's lifetime.
 from the BBC

24 Hour Museum

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