The Albion Country Bands

Here We Go Again
Handsworth and Handsworth Wood
And Birmingham
Like An Old Fashioned Waltz
Gold Dust - Live at the Royalty
Charles Dickens 1812-1870
Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) 1951
London Odds and Ends
Plain Capers
Fire and Sleet and Candlelight
Fi Fraser and Jo Freya
Eclection Words
Rhythm & Blues
The Dog and Dustbin
Hark! The Villages
The Battle Of The Field
The Albion Country Bands
Old Sir Simon The King
Pace Egging
Umps and Dumps
Gorse Hall
Arborfield, Berkshire
Tall Ships
Norman Thelwell
A Garland of Carols
Harvest Home
Triple Echo
Rubber Folk
In Town Tonight
Forest and Vale and High Blue Hill
Between The Severn and The Wye
A Country Christmas
Al Bowlly's In Heaven
Ghost Stories of an Antiquary
Canon Alberic's Scrap-book.
Lost Hearts
The Mezzotint
The Ash-tree
Number 13
Count Magnus
'Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad'
The Treasure of Abbot Thomas
Appearances Of A Different Sort
Robin Hood

ah and shovel

This volatile traditional folk ensemble was founded in April 1972 by defecting Steeleye Span bassist Ashley Hutchings (b. 26 January 1945, Southgate, Middlesex, England). Royston Wood (b. 1935; vocals), Sue Draheim (b. August 1949, Oakland, California, USA; fiddle) and Steve Ashley (b. 9 March 1946, London, England; guitar) completed the new venture alongside Simon Nicol (b. 13 October 1950, Muswell Hill, London, England; guitar) and Dave Mattacks (b. 13 March 1948, Edgware, Middlesex, England; drums), two of Hutchings' former colleagues from Fairport Convention. The Albion moniker had already been used by Hutchings to back an album by his wife, Shirley Collins, in 1971. The early line-up disintegrated six months after its inception and a caretaker unit, which included Richard Thompson, fulfilled all outstanding obligations. Hutchings, Nicol and new drummer Roger Swallow then pieced together a second Country Band with folk acolytes Martin Carthy (b. 21 May 1940, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England), Sue Harris (b. 17 May 1949, Coventry, Warwickshire, England) and John Kirkpatrick (b. 8 August 1947, Chiswick, London, England), but this innovative sextet was also doomed to a premature demise. Their lone album, Battle Of The Field, recorded in 1973, was withheld until 1976, and was only issued following public demand

The Combined Forces of both line-ups

Steve Ashley : guitar
Sue Draheim : fiddle
Ashley Hutchings : bass
Simon Nicol : guitar, vocals
Royston Wood : vocals
Shirley Collins : vocals, banjo
Roger Swallow : drums
Linda Thompson : vocals
Richard Thompson guitar, vocals
Martin Carthy : guitar, vocals
Sue Harris :
vocals, oboe, dulcimer
John Kirkpatrick : accordion, vocals, piano
Martin Nicholls, John Iveson, Colin Sheen, Paul Beer : sackbuts on "Gallant Poacher"
Dave Mattacks : percussion on "Reaphook and Sickle".

the Albion Country Band. Mk. 1[click for larger]
Steve Ashley, Simon Nicol, Royston Wood, Sue Draheim, Dave Mattacks, Ashley Hutchings

Albion Country Band Mk.1 1972
(Ashley Hutchings, Royston Wood,
Steve Ashley, Simon Nicol,
Sue Draheim & Dave Mattacks) on

the Albion Country Band Mk. 2

the never-to-be-duplicated
Albion Country Band line-up of
Simon Nicol
Martin Carthy, Roger Swallow,
Sue Harris and John Kirkpatrick.
Ashley Hutchings missing in action.

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